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"Silver Nuggets"








"Jumping Bass"




"Blue Christmas"


"Jack & Jill"




"Cutthroat Bend"


"Wild Red"


"Mountain Time"


"Salmon Run"








"Thin Blue Line"


"Oregon Thin Blue Line"

20% donation to C.O.P.S organization

"Hope & Refuge"




"Cursed Earth"


"Brighton Beach"


"Beach Dreams"


"Tree of Life"


"The Field Where I Died"






"Year of the Dragon"


"The Iron Eagle"


"El Toro Bravo"


"Philomath Valley View"


"Winter Path"


"Sleepy Hollow"


"Stone Creek 1863"


"Fire Dancer"


"Table for One"


"The Ghost"


"Hill Top Twister"


"Woman Waiting"


"Big Buck"


"The Breeze"


"Silver Surfer"


"The Rock"


"Hot October"


"The White Whale"


"The Wave"






"Sand Pipers"


"Lost at Sea"


"Split Personality"

4 pieces 12in x 12in










Featured Metal Art

Beach DreamsBeach Dreams

Salmon RunSalmon Run

Stone Creek 1863Stone Creek 1863

Cursed EarthCursed Earth



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